Saturday, December 20, 2008

Swimming in Chocolate-Part 2

So...I get a call from my SIL the other night. After several minutes of small talk she mentions that they might stop by for a visit. Then, ever so casually, she asks if the ice cream sandwiches are ready. "Not yet," I say "Maybe tomorrow." "Maybe we will stop by tomorrow instead," she says.

I make these sandwiches every year using my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. I add some crushed candy canes to the dough and freeze the cookies after baking. I fill each sandwich with candy cane ice cream and then I pour melted chocolate on top. I set the sandwiches on cookie sheets and put them in the freezer until the chocolate sets. I then wrap them into individual bundles and wait for the visitors to drop by.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Swimming in Chocolate

I love to play with chocolate. This year I started with chocolate truffles. They are a great treat for teachers and are wonderful hostess gifts. I use a recipe taken from my favorite cooking magazine Fine Cooking. You can customize the delicious ganache filling with any number of flavours. I like to do two different selections. This time I made one with Amaretto liqueur and the other with Grand Marnier and a mix of candied ginger and orange peel.