Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Star Wars wars

Star Wars is big in our house. We have the action figures, the lego, several varieties of light sabres, the live action movies, the animated movies, the costume, the music,the vehicles, the video games, the comic books, the t-shirts...

And so, it was with great anticipation that we waited for the theatre release of the new Clone Wars animated movie. We were not dissuaded by the negative reviews. We NEEDED to see this movie. We have, in our own way, supported this franchaise thus far. There is no turning back now.

Long story short. My review-Liked it, didn't love it. As with all of George Lucas' movies, I love the overall universe but there is always a little too much CHEESE for me. In this movie, the character of Uncle Zero made me cringe everytime he spoke. Ugggh. The new padawan was a little too 'smartalekey' for me as well.

As for the kids, they ate it all up with a big spoon. They laughed at all the corn ball dialogue and were transfixed by all the battle scenes. I guess this is Lucas' target audience.

Of course, with any new movie comes the inevitable merchandaising cash grab. Although it seems to me we have every conceivable variation of clone trooper, there are still more to be had. They're CLONES for crying out loud! Remember the old days when all the storm troopers looked exactly the same and they didn't come with removable tiny little accessories?


Crysto said...

ooh.. btw... starwars is pretty huge at our house too.. we don't have any of our own kids to share the obsession with yet, but I'm working on a nice jedi costume for my friends baby for this halloween. :o)

Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

I'm not that into Starwars (my husband is though) but that costume is so cute.