Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Six Random Things

I have been "tagged" in blog game by fellow etsymom cinnamon spice

The game is called Six random things. So here are six random things about me....

1. I love the smell of new books. I can't resist sinking my nose in them and taking a prolonged sniff.

2. I have been practicing yoga twice a week for the last two years and have really grown to love it. OHHHHHMM

3. I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was younger but was frightened away when I found out there would be mathematics involved.

4. I love the Barry Manilow song "Coca Cabana". I can't explain why but I just can't resist it.

5. I have only gone downhill skiing once and, while it was terrifying, I had a great time.

6. My husband and I are hoping to visit Italy in the coming year to celebrate our fortieth birthdays and fifteen years of marriage.

Now it's your turn. I would like to tag some ladies of the etsy sisterhood. The lovely, mommy holly, the wonderful wEtsy Behind the Ears, the talented Beadiful things, and my fellow Canadian Jewlzodonnell's Weblog

To play you must list six things about yourself and then tag up to six people to do the same. Enjoy!
Hope you will join me!


Beadiful Things said...

Handy! Something to write about! :-)

I'll try to post tonight or tomorrow.

MODNAROS said...

Ooooh, this should be fun! Thanks for tagging me! Feel free to check out my six random things ... trust me ... they'll be random!

claire said...

hey thanks! I can't wait until I actually have time to work on it! I look forward to seeing what else you post!!!