Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Coming Clean- Confessions of a Soap a holic

Okay, I admit it. I am a little obssessed with handmade soap right now. Shampoo bars, soap, bubble bath, scrubs, butters, cream perfumes and lip balms all made with love in small batches in the homes of talented people.

I love the salt and sugar scrub from the shop of bovinebubbles It has a wonderful exfoliating texture which glides on your skin effortlessly, leaving a wonderful sheen and fantstic aroma.

I love the amazing fragrance left behind on my skin in the body butter fromcarmel soaps

I love the delicious flavors and cool slide tins of lip balms sold by shannon's irish bliss

I recently brought my kids into my soap circle when I ordered them some bubble bath fromdennis anderson soaps

I have also ordered from the etsy seller pixie soaps

I vowed that, after ammassing such a large stash that I would resist the urge to buy more soap...That is when the soap gods reached out to me. I participated in a craft show on the weekend which was also attended by a local soap vendor. I bought one soap. Just one. Its important to support the local economy you know. But then...
She offered a trade. One of my hats for eight bars of soap. The rest of the story is soap history.

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Benny and the Jet said...

*waves hi!!*

What a fantastic bit of luck to stumble upon your blog just when you feature soap addiction.. :D
I love dennisanderson, the lady beside the cornish pasties at the Farmers Market.. and this ONE AMAZING soap seller at the North Street Church craft show.. I'm going this May just to find her again! (who am i kidding.. i'm going for everything)..