Friday, April 2, 2010

Off to the races

My fearless husband, being a alumni of the Canadian cub scout movement, decided to enroll our boys (and himself) in the program this year. There have been winter camping trips, fundraising ventures, skating parties and, of course, weekly meetings. Last weekend we attended the much anticipated KUB KAR RALLY.

The rally was held in a warehouse with lots of room for multiple tracks and a large group of anxious cub scouts. Each boy (and his pit crew parents) had put hours of love and creativity into building the perfect design. There were tanks, police cars, race cars, bobsleds and even a hot dog car.

All cars needed to be weighed prior to racing. They could weigh no more than five ounces. The right weight, coupled with the right design could result in victory. Fishing weights, coins and washers helped provide extra weight. After an exhaustive prepping of the track by the cub leaders, we were ready to begin.

Three by three they raced to the finish line in endless heats. After a mere two hours the winners were awarded gigantic trophies and plaques. The defeated racers left (some with tear stained faces)filled with schemes to secure victory next year.


Andrea on Third Street said...

This sound like so much fun!! My little guy is only 16 months, but I'm excited about these future ventures. From a family of three girls, we juct didn't do this sort of stuff.

Andrea on Third Street said...

Mey Michele, pop over to our blog when you get a chance. We've recieved the Kreative Blogger Award and are passing it on to you.