Thursday, February 10, 2011

New beginnings

A New Year is upon us. As with every year before I set new goals to be more organized and to strive for balance between looking after myself and doing all those things required of me.
I am at my sewing machine daily working to make cute things to sell and occasionally a little treat for myself. Alas, I have killed many a pincushion in my pursuits. After toying with the idea of buying a beautiful handcrafted one instead of the cheapo tomatoes available at the fabric store I decided to make my own.

I decided to fill it with emery which are fine metal shavings which help keep your pins sharp. FYI, this is the substance inside the mysterious strawberry attached to your standard factory made tomato pincushion. I sent away for a bag of it from dottyral and foraged my scrap pile of fabric for the pieces of my cube. I made a cube of equal dimensions out of cotton muslin and filled it with emery,sewing shut the small hole after the emery went inside.

I made a cube from my fabric pieces , but left off the top. Lastly, I popped the muslin cube inside the fabric cube and handstitched the top on.

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