Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The good ole summer time

I am feeling cautiously optimistic that summer has arrived in Nova Scotia. I have stopped wearing socks and jackets. There is the unmistakable sweet scent of the salty Atlantic in the air. The backyard has changed into a beautiful tangle of green. Life is beautiful.

As the mom of two small guys there are other signs of summer as well. The frequent demands for popsicles for every kid who wanders into the yard, the trails of water across the kitchen floor that are testament to the filling of supersoakers... Good times.

Having such a short season of warmness as we do here on the east coast, I treasure every beautiful day. Every ice cream at the park, trip to the beach, family barbeque, every line of sweet smelling laundry.

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Anonymous said...

Oh! You're a Canadian too!! I'm from the other side though, BC. Nice blog (: I'll have to check out more of your entries!