Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mise En Place

It struck me today how there are a lot of similarities between sewing and cooking. I was without my sewing machine for several days as it was at the repair shop. (It turns out it was not broken at all but that I had inadvertantly knocked the feeddogs out of whack while cleaning. Damn it! I thought it was my perfect opportunity to buy a sexy new Husquarvana. I digress...) During my sewing downtime, I prepped for a number of upcoming projects. I cut out pieces for bibs, purses and hats.

In my previous life as a cook in the restaurant biz we always used our downtime to prepare our Mise. For those of you not in the know, Mise en place means a place for everything or everything in its place. Working in busy kitchens taught me a great deal about time management. Working ahead, always having in mind the next project makes everything slide along a little more smoothly.

It is easy to see how sewing has filled a void left in me after leaving the food biz. The satisfaction of a beautifully arranged plate is not unlike a lovely apron garnished with a complimentary bias binding.

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