Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Appliance Apologies

I love appliances. I remember the precise moment that my head was turned by their shiny wonderfulness. It was my first day of cooking school when I got my first introduction into a professional kitchen. I found myself surrounded by gleaming stainless steel. Massive convection ovens, huge hobart mixers, steam jacket kettles, grills, flat top griddles, steamers...Ohh the possibilites.

I have been fortunate enough to enjoy some fine appliances in the comfort of my own home. Sweet sweet Silvia makes my cappucino every afternoon. My Kitchen Aid mixer tosses out a crowd pleasing pizza dough nearly every friday night as well as a countless array of cookies, cakes, meringues and loaves of bread.

My little Kenmore sewing machine has been tirelessly churning out whatever I have desired of her. Recently I have asked more of her than ever before having started my own Etsy shop.

This is why I am so very sad to say that two weeks ago near the end of the production of two loaves of white bread...Kitchen Aid sputtered to a stop. She now lies sadly still on her shelf, a sad reminder of a delicious partnership. And Kenmore, had a disastrous reaction to a routine cleaning which has left me and my Sushi bistro apron in a sad state of desertion.

At least I still have Silvia.

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