Wednesday, May 21, 2008


While my husband and I were visiting Montreal last summer we saw a mural on the side of a building that we thought was brilliant. It pictured a serene faced figure with hands together in prayer and beneath it was written "Foodism". As we are both obsessed with the pursuit and enjoyment of good food we thought it was just the 'ism' for us.

In that same spirit I have decided to found my own 'ism'. It has grown out of my recent discovery and subsequent obsession with etsy. Etsyism is an all inclusive movement. All ages, genders and races are welcome. You need only have a username to be initiated. A monthly tithe of your earnings is not required but is a likely outcome. As a new initiate you may be tempted to be overzealous with your newfound philosophy. "Buy homemade!" you will preach. Some will accept your enthusiasm others will think you strange. Don't lose heart. There are many others who will join you to pay homage at the great marketplace we call Etsy.

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