Friday, February 26, 2010

HELLO Dolly!

So, here is my first tentative foray into dollyville... When I heard about the Dollies for Haiti campaign from the lovely(and very talented doll making team) ladies at Third Street Handcrafters I knew I wanted to join in.

Being a stay at home mom and therefore a woman of very modest means I have been wondering how I could make any contribution to the massive needs of a country so decimated by disaster. My hand sewing skills are very undeveloped( I am a slave to my machine), but I do bring something else to the table. I have two crafty hands and a heart full of love.

I hope that she will bring companionship to someone in need of it. Her arms are stretched wide. She is ready to give the hug I am too far away to deliver myself. Safe journey little friend.


Sonia at The Third Street Studio said...

She's beautiful Michele!! Congratulations on your first dolly.

snazz said...

Thanks Sonia! I had a great time with it. Thanks for letting me know about the campaign :)

Andrea on Third Street said...

Oh, Michele, she is so sweet! Well, well, done!

I'm hoping to have all of the dolls together and ready to ship by the end of next week.

Thanks again for participating. It is certainly a very worthy cause, and has given us all an excellent opportunity to help out in our own way.

I'm especially excited to see all four of the "Nova Scotia" dolls together. I'll post a picture on our site before sending. Stay tuned!

snazz said...

Thanks Andrea! I would love to see all our little friends pose for a group shot.